Keynotes, Training, Executive Strategy Briefings

Bill LeBlanc is an engaging, knowledgeable, and sometimes humorous speaker who can help your event or your executive strategy sessions be a big success.

Bill has a broad background, having worked for PG&E, EPRI, E Source, consulting firms as well as stints with Apple and Disney.

Keynote Presentations

Bill has been a keynote speaker for over 50 events across the U.S. and Canada. His unique style engages the audience through a combination of deep knowledge, provocative new ways of looking at old problems, compelling and clear explanations of complex topics, and interjections of humor and audience participation.

Topics can include:

  • Customer needs of the future/What customers really want
  • The shifting utility landscape: technology, renewables, consumers
  • Design thinking, human-centered design
  • Demand response, rate design
  • Electric vehicles: what do drivers really want? What is the utility’s role?
  • Electrification: The fourth wave will be different

Executive Briefings, Management Meetings

Bill has provided industry briefings to utility executive teams as well as utility boards of directors.

His deep experience as well as his analytical thinking can help Boards understand and plan for a new set of opportunities and challenges.

In addition, he has often been brought into “all hands” management meetings at utilities to provide presentations on the future of the industry, and how being consumer-oriented can propel results in utility offerings.

Public Speaking Training

Public speaking is such a critical success factor for your organizations, yet is often doesn’t get the attention it needs. Your people are smart and knowledgeable, but they aren’t always great at grabbing the attention of their audience, whether that be in a small group setting, on a video call, or with a large audience.

Bill’s public speaking training is based on years of experience in front of audiences, broken down into manageable adjustments and techniques in creating, planning for, and delivering excellent presentations. Our training will help move good speakers to great speakers, mediocre speakers to very good presenters, and can help the shy or nervous presenters overcome their fears.

Workshop Creation and Facilitation

Bill is an expert in holding workshops that get the most out of the attendees’ participation. Using the design think process as a foundation, he uses a series of sprints to build a foundation for creative solutions that work for consumers, businesses, trade allies, utilities, or governments.

A typical process includes: current state, current skills, deep understanding of target customers, definition of detailed customer needs, development of “points of view” leading to “how might we” statements/challenges, then to solutions.

Workshop areas include but are not limited to:

  • Accelerated carbon reduction through utility/government programs
  • Accelerated adoption of electric vehicles
  • Beneficial electrification
  • Design thinking for any specific program, either new or “renewed”
  • Pricing/rate design


“Bill LeBlanc’s closing session was fantastic – entertaining, engaging, and full of content regarding future challenges and opportunities.”

– (International Program Evaluation Conference, Denver).

“Bill LeBlanc’s entertaining and thought-provoking presentation provided a perfect tone for our busy luncheon. Funny and informative, LeBlanc was right on target.”

– (NRECA’s Connect Conference)

“Your humorous monologue and deft facilitation of the “Transforming the Industry” experts panel was entertaining as well as insightful. The BPA Management Team enjoyed your light-hearted take on BPA’s challenges in the region, and the state of the energy industry. Great job!”

– (All-hands Management Executive Retreat for BPA, Portland, OR)