Instigating Better
Ideas and Outcomes

We are in a unique time in the history of energy, with technological, social, environmental, and regulatory policy shifts happening at a historic pace.

You may be seeking answers to some of the hot issues of the day: EVs, pricing, regulation, electrification, and more.

In my speaking engagements and workshops, I can help everyone move to the pace of change.

Consumer Research and Market Intelligence

Strategic planners and program managers often struggle with programs that just don’t resonate with customers.

We can help illuminate core customer and market needs through primary research, gaining insights through qualitative interviews, ethnographic research, or customer surveys.

I have partners with expertise in market research, ethnography, and data science the I can bring together for digging deeper and providing insights that you can actually apply in your customer solutions and strategic planning, while understanding and working within your business constraints.

Program Design and Design Thinking

You may be developing a brand new program in areas such as electric transportation or electrification or behavior change, or you may have a struggling program in energy efficiency or demand response.

Using the core elements of design thinking such as customer empathy, consumer co-creation, and “how might we” frameworks to really understand how new or re-vamped programs can meet your customers’ evolving wants and needs.

Learn how to design programs as well as communicate the benefits of those programs to decisions makers so effective programs can hit the market place.

Marketing, Market Planning, and Strategy

Energy markets are complex and changing rapidly due to technology evolution, consumer behavior patterns, and new market entrants.

How will your solutions fit into your customers’ busy lives or businesses? What is your roadmap to market success?

Co-creating strategic marketing roadmaps and plans will allow you to navigate this evolving market, with the focus always being on customer adoption and financial success.