Turning Problems Into Opportunities

You are likely to be dealing with some sticky, new problems.

Your customers may not understand new technologies, or maybe you need to understand your customers more thoroughly or from different perspectives.

In my speaking engagements and workshops, I can help everyone move to the next level.

Strategic Planning

Do you have a logical roadmap that takes into account emerging tech trends, shifting economics, changing consumer sentiment, along with your clean energy objectives?

Let us work with you to develop the key strategic planning documents, and communicate your plans in simple and compelling ways to your key audiences and decision-makers.

Accelerating Carbon Reduction

How might we find environmental solutions that are good for consumers, businesses, the environment, and the economy as well?

In my speaking engagements and workshops, I can show some very compelling paths forward.

Rate Design and Demand Response

Designing and communicating rates and demand response that work for the grid, revenue, and consumers is highly challenging.

This is tricky and requires balance between competing interests such as reducing peaks, rate fairness, environmental optimization, and simplicity.

In my speaking engagements and workshops, I can help navigate this important arena.

Energy Efficiency

Automated or facilitated home control is changing the face of efficiency, creating new opportunities to combine demand response with energy savings.

The next wave of efficiency programs requires a more intimate understanding of consumer behavior.

Understanding consumers’ and businesses’ core needs is at the heart of success.

Electric Vehicle Adoption

EV’s are new, they don’t fuel-up the same way as the car people grew up with, and it’s a huge investment. Adding charging infrastructure is just a small part of the solution.

A strong, multi-faceted campaign using core customer research to inform marketing strategies that overcome barriers and motivate behavior change is what is needed in today’s market.